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"What have we had a few fantastic days .. Days never to forget. After Kuta Lombok we traveled to Tetebatu the high middle of Lombok, Tetebatu is in the mountains near the Rinjani volcano and is not very touristy yet. Accommodation booked: Dream Catcher Camp, we had read about this: a place for a local experience and in the middle of the jungle. Because it was not yet available we first spent the night in a different accommodation."


          Tetebatu is a small, cozy mountain village, located at 400 meters altitude. It is located in the interior of the island of Lombok. Due to the higher altitude on the southern slope of the Rijani, the climate here is a lot cooler. In the region is the national park Gunung Rinjani, where you can go. In the region you can walk to for example the rice fields, the tobacco plantations, but you can also take a bath at the waterfalls. Famous waterfalls, for example, are the Jukut and the Joben. Each with their own story. If you take a bath here, you also meet the locals who occasionally swim here.
Other activities include workshops at one of the nearby villages. The area also has many traditional traditions here, as in many other parts of the country, and it is possible to follow workshops during your trip. For example, you can weave a sarong, make a ceramic pot, or make a woodwork. At the villages of Loyok, Lendang and Beleka, you can visit the various crafts.

The town of Tetebatu itself is not very special, but the rural environment of endless rice plateaus and tobacco plantations all the more.
From Tetebatu you can make various walks, possibly with a guide. So you can go to the monkey forest where you can spot 'black monkeys', not surprisingly. There are also impressive waterfalls in the area. Jukut is a 20 meter high waterfall and a shower under the Joben waterfall promoted hair growth, according to locals.
In Tetebatu you can possibly rent a moped or car to visit the traditional villages in the quiet mountainous part of Lombok. Each village has its own craft. For example, Rungkang is known for its pottery and Loyok for basket weaving.


Tourists, who come from the Mataram region and want to go to Tetebatu, can not go further than Pemara by public transport. Then you have to find a replacement vehicle to Kotaraja (the city of Kings). There is no transport to Tetebatu than with an ojek (taxibike) .ebatu you can possibly rent a moped or car to visit the traditional villages in the quiet mountainous part of Lombok with your own transport. Each village has its own craft. For example, Rungkang is known for its pottery and Loyok for basket weaving.


If you want to go to the Jukut waterfall, you have to walk a minimum of 1.5 hours (6 km) to the village of Kembang Kuning. But then you can enjoy the beauty of the view over the landscape. For the tour you need a guide and there are in Tetebatu.
You can get to 2 kilometers from the waterfall by taxi. A steep path brings you the last 2 km to the waterfall, so bring water and a sun hat. Once there you can sit in the cool water and admire the 20m waterfalls. This is a good place to picnic while the rocks surround you and the riverside is shady. The locals believe that the person who washes his head with the water of the waterfall will get fertile hair on his head.

The Joben waterfall, northwest of Tetebatu, is sometimes called Otak Kokok Gading. This waterfall is a holy place but less impressive than the waterfalls at Jukut. you have to get back to the south to Kotaraja, then the west takes the first road to the north. This ends at the waterfall. At the Joben waterfall is a swimming pond, where visitors can swim. The residents believe that the one who bathes here can cure various diseases.


From a travel blog:

"It was not such a simple walk. About the dikes between the rice fields, with a real chance of slipping. Because those fields are at different heights, also occasionally a style and smooth piece up or down again. Especially in the beginning I really had something of "where did I start". But luckily things went a bit less frenetically. It was all in all a tough walk. Beautiful!
After having a look at the waterfall went down again and picked up at a certain point by the bus."




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