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"The fifth day I went to Tanjung A'an beach. This beach consists of an entire bay where many local people fish and few tourists come. Behind the bay, when you climb over the hills, there are many small beaches that are not visited and are still unknown. Also this day we watched sunset from the hills."

Tanjung swing

          Tanjung is a village in and also province capital of Northern Lombok. It is close to the famous northern Gili Islands and is a growing tourist destination. There are currently five resorts in the area, including Lombok's most prestigious resort, The Oberoi Lombok on Medana Beach. The Kosaido Golf Club is located on the nearby Sira peninsula. The Medana Bay Marina offers modern mooring and anchorages to the area. The established hotels and resorts in the Tanjung region offer pick-up transfers from and to the airport at Praya.
There is also a market with traditional products and a small regional public transport that makes Tanjung a hub.

The village of Tanjung is crossed by a two-lane road connecting the west coast of the island via the north with the east coast. You drive through the north around the volcano Rinjani, which you can climb.
There are taxis and bemos in Tanjung. They connect Tanjung with the places Bangsal, Sira, Medana, Senaru and other destinations in Lombok.
If you want to travel from Bali to Lombok by boat, there are two options. The first is to take the boat to the northern Gili Islands and from there to sail to Bansal. From Bangsal you can easily get to Tanjung by public transport. The two can be traveled via Lembar. Then you have to travel from Lembar, which lies in the southwest, to Tanjung in the north. Many bemos drive to the capital Mataram.


Lunch and diner

Many Bemo drivers are reluctant to drive further north than Mangsit, which lies north of Senggigi. From Mangsit, passenger numbers are falling drastically. If you want to travel from Tangpen or Ameng to Tangung on the west coast, the driver can drive back at a certain moment if he does not have enough passengers in his car. Bemos usually stop driving when it starts to twilight.

Traditional fishing boats, known as jukung , sail the waters around Tanjung. They are immediately recognizable on their two support beams, attached to the hull on both sides. As with a catamaran, these offer more stability in heavy weather. The boats can also be rented on the nearby beaches of Bangsal and Teluk Nare, or directly from one of the owners. The jukung is often painted white with bright decorations in blue or yellow.
If you have the opportunity to sail once, you have to sit on the side. This as if you are surfing over the water. With favorable wind, the jukungs can skim over the surface of the ocean at a fairly high rate. Junkungs are also called peharu on Lombok.


Most tourist activities in Tanjung revolve around the resort areas on Sire beach and Medana, with diving, snorkelling and hiking activities available. Tanjung is well situated for trips to Mount Rinjani and Senaru, the Gilli Islands and the northeast coast. According to local legends, two of the oldest villages on the island, Bayan and Sembalun, were founded by a prince of Majapahit. Both villages are easily accessible and are located near the Tanjung area.
There are fishing and boat charters available to explore the area along this part of the west coast of Lombok.

Local volunteer programs are organized in the Tanjung area. The possibility exists to participate or visit one of the development projects. Various options exist in the field of coral regeneration, land management and rehabilitation, and agricultural development programs. You can also help ordinary and group local people with what they have to do that day. Specific skills are not required for participation. Some visitors choose to help women and work in the field. There are therefore options from very short visits to longer stays with participation in a specific program. To experience a stay and work in a mountain village, a few days would be enough to experience mountain life.

From a travel report:

"Along the way you will see a lot of nature, lots of greenery, small mini villages consisting of 5 houses and people who still practice 'traditional professions'. There were many people plowing on the fields or watering the rice fields and along the way there were also many buffaloes. These buffaloes ran in herds and there was one guardian who controlled the whole herd of loose buffalo with one wooden stick. The view over the fields and hills is really great. There is no pollution along the way and you have a beautiful view of the untouched nature. The children just play freely in the fields, run around naked in the mud and try to catch buffalo with a catapult."





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