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"Today we visited two temples (Pura Lingsar and Suranadi), they were very beautiful and you will also learn a lot of the different religions when you take a guide. Then drove to a waterfall but unfortunately not seen because it rained hard and to get to the waterfall it was a 45 minute walk. The ride was along beautiful rice fields and nature. We have seen all kinds of trees and plants where the fruit grows fresh (Durian, avocado, mango, bananas). Tobacco plants, coffee and herbs. Hence the food here is always prepared so fresh."

Pura Suranadi

          The Pura Suranadi is only 30 minutes away from the city of Mataram and is part of an existing tourist forest. The trees around the temple make the air cooler. Hindus come here to pray and make many sacrifices. Many monkeys walk around freely here. The Pura Suranadi is a Balinese temple, which was founded in the 16th century by a Javanese priest: Danghyang Dwijendra (or Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rauh). In Lombok he is also called Prince Sangupati. The Hindus regard this temple as a place of pilgrimage.
Pura Suranadi has three temple groups, namely a main temple and two other temples. The main temple is the most sacred place, because in this temple the Hindus pray. Not everyone can go to the main temple. The other two temples are used for activities other than praying. Unique is that the other two are separated by Jalan Wisata Suranadi, a road that is still built by the Dutch. The temples are separated from each other.

There are five water sources on the temple complex. The underground springs are bubbling up in swimming pools. They are known as the Panca (five) Tirtha (source), each of which plays an important role in the ceremonies of the Hindus.
Physically they are separated, but in performing the series of ritual activities they can not be separated:

1. Mata Air Toya Tabah Source
2. Toya Pabersihan Source
3. Mata Toya Panglukatan Source
4. Tirta Source
5. Pangentas Source


It is believed that these five holy sources can heal various diseases. The Hindu community believes that after prayer they clean themselves with water from the five sources and then they will get a new life or "Suranadi".
The Pura Suranadi has three temple groups. Each is named after the function of the water source that is in it. These temples groups are:
1. Pura Ulon (Gaduh), adjacent to the nature reserve of the forest. There are two sources in the Pura Ulon courtyard.
2. Pura Pangentas, not far from Pura Ulon and is equipped with two eel ponds. Here are two sources.
3. Pura Pabersihan is 300 meters from the Pura Ulon. Here are an eel pond and a well.

Eels live in the ponds and can sometimes be lured with boiled eggs, which can be bought at a stalls near the temples. Those who see an eel get a lot of luck in his life! The eels are considered sacred and it is a taboo to eat them or to pollute their water.
The temple is located in a very pleasant environment, filled with small Hindu and Islamic villages, temples, rice fields, fish ponds and large orchards with rambutan, mangoes and other tropical fruits. Before leaving the Pura Suranadi Lombok, try the traditional culinary dish of Lombok, in the form of delicious satay satay. In the parking area of the temple area there are sometimes traders satay bulayak.

The legend that belongs to every temple:

According to legend, this sacred shower is associated with a Hindu missionary from India called Dang Hyang Niratha. He spread Hindu teaching first on Java, then on Bali and then went on foot to Lombok. He first and then his students. Whoever leads the way always carries a stick. Upon arrival at Lombok, the priest and his retinue reached a peaceful valley: the Suranadi area. In this area they rested on number of times. And every time he rested, Dang Hyang Niratha struck the ground with his wand and every time clean water came up.

Pura Suranadi






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