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"On Monday morning we left for Lombok, an Indonesian island (next to Bali). After a stopover in Bali we arrived in Praya after a few hours, and from there we took a taxi to Kuta, a town on the south coast. We had a nice drink on the beach while it was slowly dark became."

At work...

          Sukarara Village is located in Central Lombok, 25 km from the city of Mataram and 5 km from the city of Praya or 5 minutes by car or taxi. in this village a very old traditional craft is still practiced. It is the weaving center in Central Lombok. To preserve culture and traditional weaving, it is passed on from mother to daughter. The girls from Sukara learn to weave from an early age and these skills are passed on by their parents. The girls pass them on to their children later on. One learns here to weave with original motifs.
If you're walking or driving through the village of Sukarara, you'll see the village girls and village women on the varandas busy with their work: weaving. In each house one is busy weaving. This is a very old custom, which they continue to this day.

Lombok possesses a wealth of beauty, but also cultural skills. One of those cultural arts is weaving or "songket" and that is very impressive. One of them is the traditional craft of weaving or "songket".
Woven fabric or songket from Sukarara Village has its own characteristics with a different design or motif than with other woven fabrics in Indonesia. A work of beautiful fabrics and with an artistic design, produced exclusively by the skilled hands of village women Sukarara.
If you want to buy woven fabric from this village, you can have so many motifs & nbsp; choose. But the most famous motif is an icon of this village: the subahnala motif. The name of this motif comes from Arabic. According to the local story, the weavers, who weaved a certain type of motif, repeatedly said 'subhanaallah'. The motif is so called because it is difficult to weave this motif and it took a long time to make it.


Other motifs that you still encounter are those of a gecko, a traditional house and a shed. These are also ancient motifs, which can still be admired on the island in real life. Although the use of a traditional loom is very simple, the fabric is of very good quality and is very impressive.

As the twig is bent the tree is inclined.....

The raw materials they use are cotton yarn, silk, gold silk and silver silk thread. As for the dyes they use are from natural dyes such as reddish brown color of mahogany, light brown color of teak stem, brown acid soil of seeds, dark brown color of rotting banana stalks, and purple color of the mangosteen peel and wine. Because of this, the woven fabric or songket of the village of Sukarara is famous for its characteristic, brightly printed songket.
The Sukarara weaving village is now well known and well received by foreign tourists.
The price of woven fabric or songket depends on the difficulty of making the motif and the long working time to make it. This makes the price of traditional woven fabrics from Sukarara can sometimes be very expensive.

If you have enough time, you can visit Penujak and Beleka. In these villages you can enjoy making or buying pottery products.


From a travel report:

"A warm farewell to our crew at the airport, I help the group with check-in, Wings Air does not have a problem of overweight hold baggage and with a propeller gear we have a good flight to the new airport at Lombok (Praya). We are met there by mr. Hannafil from Manumadi. He immediately apologizes for the far too small minibus for 8 people. and luggage and promises a larger bus for the return journey. After about 2 hours drive we reach our hotel Puri Saron in Senggigi. That immediately falls into good soil, beautiful rooms, beautifully landscaped gardens and nice swimming pool. Here we can hold out well in the coming days."





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