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"There are few tourists in Senggigi. When we show up on the beach or in the streets, we are immediately approached by dozens of salesmen and drivers of horse and wagon. For public transport people make use of small carts that are pulled by horses. When the horse starts to walk, there are bubbles. In the evening, the carts are lit by candles and oil lamps. If you close your eyes and listen to the sound, it is as if Santa is passing his sleigh (or has the heat really struck?)."

Senggigi Bay and Beach

          Senggigi is a lively, popular seaside resort and the tourist center of Lombok. This stretches along the almost 10 kilometer long coastal road, with cozy restaurants and cafés. The location has grown thanks to the proximity of the airport and the Lembar ferry port. As a result, most travelers start or end their stay in Senggigi. An accommodation is available for every budget. When the weather is clear, the view from the bay to the holy mountain of Bali, Gunung Agung, is amazing. Senggigi is a perfect base for various excursions, since most of Lombok's attractions are located in the western part. For people who love diving, a trip to the Gili islands is highly recommended, the underwater world is very impressive.

Senggigi beach is famous because this beach has white sand. You can easily reach this beach. You can participate in a number of water activities, both under and above water. If you can, you have to stay longer than three days, because you can not do everything in one day. From here you can easily make excursions and view the city.

Senggigi has the most popular beaches of the island. There are beautiful coral reefs off the coast. From the beach you have a beautiful view of neighbouring Bali and Gunung Agung. The colourful boats that return in the morning of fishing yield beautiful images. The sunsets are also worthwhile.


South of Senggigi (close, but take a taxi) you will find the Balinese-Hindu temple Pura Batu Bolong. The pagodas have very nice details. The place is also popular to admire the sunset at the end of the day.
The Monkey Forest is also an hour's drive from Senggigi. This is the home of troops of monkeys, which can be fed by hand. These curious and curious creatures are quite used to human contact, and that is true! They show no aggression unless they are threatened. Keep your valuables well secured, because they are productive thieves!


In the long main street of Senggigi lies the post office and the Bank BNI. Here you can use your bank card or credit card with the ATMs to withdraw the local currency. There is also a small supermarket next to BNI Bank. The Senggigi Police Station is located at the Art Market and at the Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort.
Public transport is known as "Bemo or Angkot". There are minibuses in the city and these are relatively cheap and take mainly local passengers. However, they are without air conditioning and they also take "loads" into the minibus. You are not insured in these bemos. For those who prefer to travel privately, you can rent a car or motorbike. The insurance is not included here. The prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and the duration of the rental. There are petrol pumps and petrol stations. However, if you do not end up with petrol, there are stalls along the road where you can buy gasoline from the drums. However, this is slightly more expensive.
For the motorbike, it is mandatory to wear a helmet.

From a travel blog:

"After a few days of vacation, it has become time to travel. The three islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan lie on the northwest coast of Lombok and we have heard and read that these islands are true paradises. We decide to go to Gili Trawangan. This is the island with the most amenities (because who can do without internet?), Hotels and restaurants. At a small office we buy tickets for the crossing .. The next day we are picked up by a minibus and taken to the port of Bengsal. There we change into a small narrow boat. While the dolphins swim around us, we sail to Gili Trawangan."





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