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Pura Agung Gunung Sari

"At the coast, local fishermen were catching their daily portion of fish with a trawl. A boat sails out with the nets and sails back with a bow. Both ends are secured and then about eight people start to pick up the net on each side. The harvest is meager. A bottom of fish, two jellyfish and some plastic junk was the catch."

Pura Agung Gunung Sari


The Pura Agung Gunung Sari is called this temple by the Sasak people, but its real name is Pura Gunung Agung. With tourists he is called the "hidden temple" because he is hard to find, although he is close to Mataram. The name is closely linked to the creation and history of this temple. Pura Gunung Agung was founded in 1717 by Anak Agung Ngurah Ketut Karang Asem. Pura Gunung Agung was founded as an thanksgiving by Anak Agung, because it has successfully completed its work on the island of Lombok.

When you walk on the grounds of the temple, you will feel the beautiful Hindu atmosphere. You smell the thick scent of incense, mixed with the fragrance of the temple's flowers. Not only Hindus are allowed to enter the temple, every visitor is cordial. If you just look around the beautiful building, or just want to feel the spiritual peace, you realize that this is a religious place for the Hindus. After passing the "Madya Mandala" (entrance gate), you will find "Bale Bantam". That is a place where the Hindus prepare their "Upakara" (sacrifices).
In the room where the Hindus pray, there is a large statue of Ganesha on the right and the statue of Goddess Uma on the left. In the "Main Mandala" (the main place for both) you will see "Padmasana". Here sits on the throne Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, a Deity. You also see other buildings on the site.


Many people know nothing about the history of Pura Gunung Sari. But apart from being a religious place, this temple is very interesting in connection with the war against Dutch colonialism. You must take the time to visit Pura Gunung Sari.
Pura Gunung Sari has a long story. This temple is a witness to the history of the Puputan War that took place on 22 November 1894 between Anak Agung Nengah (with his followers) against the Dutch soldiers under the command of General Van der Vetter. The battle ensured that the king eventually died. Anak Agung Nengah was the last crown prince of the Balinese leader of that time.
Puput in Balinese means "date, end, death". Puputan has the meaning of "war to wati". This means that all citizens of every caste system must sacrifice their soul and body to the last drop of blood. Yes, the side of socio-cultural life in Lombok is very close to that of Bali. Cultural values ​​are almost the same. The king of Karangasem had mastered the island at that time, so that the Hindu culture in Lombok attached itself.

The temple is located 4 kilometers from Mataram on the hills of Mount Sari.


"People were harvesting in the rice fields. The grains of rice were whipped out of the rice plant in a primitive way, after which women with a large knife removed the remaining granules. The next stop was to bring us to our coffee stop. However, the internal Tom-Tom of our driver was upset and after a nice drive through rice fields and remote village we ended up on an unpaved road. His rock-solid confidence in his own ability, however, did not let him deviate from the path he had taken and he went on stiffly. Even the surprised looks of the people on the side of the road did not change his mind. Until he thought at an impossible point, to inquire after all. Then it turned out that a bridge was not ready yet and he had to turn around."






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