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"The last and ultimate stop in this tour is Gunung Pengsong. There are some white Hindu temples on the slopes of Gunung Pengsong. The temples themselves are not particularly interesting but the view over Gunung Rinjani, Gunung Agung and the panorama over the rice fields is worth the long stairs to climb to."

Pura Gunung Pengsong   

The Pura Gunung Pengsong is located about 10 km south of Mataram in the village of Kuripan. It is not the place that a tourist will visit soon. It is not a tourist attraction, although you will find shady trees and a cool breeze with a view of the Rinjani and Lembar Bay. At the top of this 200 meter high hill (Gunung Pengsong) you will find the Pulai Pulai temple, which is said to be the first and oldest Hindu temple on Lombok. This temple with a panoramic backdrop of Mount Rinjani, rice fields and also the sea, was built in 1514.

In this temple complex there are three other temples, representing 3 mountains, namely Mount Rinjani, Mount Meranggu and Mount Pengsong. The temple building is also quite tight with unique reliefs. Historically, this temple was built by Betara Wayan Sebali, a Hindu pita (a wise or high priest) from Bali. The temple is very well maintained.
The temple is still in use. Every day Hindus come to pray and attend the worship. That is why tourists have to keep to the rules. For example, a yellow sash must be worn around the waist and women who are in their menstruation period may not visit the temple. The temple is closed during Hindu holidays.


At the entrance gate leading to the top of the hill there are guards: 2 statues of lions and 2 statues of snakes, whose tail is about 30 meters long is up to the gate at the top of the hill. On the stone staircase, which leads upwards, you come across shooting monkeys and sometimes a sleeping dog or cat. Before you reach the top, you pass the water source "Tirta Mumbul Sari", which is used by the Hindus to wash themselves, before they are going to pray in the Pura Pengsong.

The long stone staircase

When you are at the top you stand in front of a door made of iron bars with padlocks on the hook, but during visiting hours the door is open.

To clarify:

  • Pura = Temple

  • Gunung = Mountain

  • Pengsong = the name of the mountain

The actual name of the temple is Pulai Pulai Temple and it is located on a hill.

The Gate






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