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"In addition to exploring the area, we still have a task to wait for, to buy slippers! Because after a boat trip, car ride, restaurant, arrival at hotel and scooter ride with bare feet it is really time to get some footwear. After a beautiful road along the coastline with untouched beaches we arrive in the capital Mataram. A few times we stop to find a shop and people stop constantly asking where to go. A girl is even so kind to guide us to a store. With 80 cents slippers around the feet we went to visit a mosque and then searched for a well-known temple. "



Renting a Car or a Two-wheeler???? You doubt between renting a car on Lombok, or a two-wheeler (motorcycle, scooter, moped or bicycle)? I advise you to rent a two-wheeler on Lombok. But ... there are daily accidents with tourists who have rented a two-wheeler. They step up confidently and are then confronted with the anarchistic road traffic on Lombok. There would be one accident per day in the Senggigi region caused by tourists. A small accident can spoil your holiday or drastically reduce your vacation budget. Look carefully, which two-wheeler you choose and drive carefully.

The average rate for renting a motorcycle in the Senggigi region is approximately € 5.00, but if you take him for several days, the price is negotiable. The competition is high in Senggigi, but the price is the same everywhere. Provide good insurance and take a 120cm3 motorcycle, you do not need a driver's license. Make sure that the registration of the insurance is done before you pay.
The vast majority of the two-wheelers in Lombok are in good condition, but before driving on the road check the brakes, as well as the correct operation of the headlights and possibly the horn. Make sure that two-wheelers have at least one mirror (an accessory that is often considered redundant in Lombok ...).


Wearing the helmet is mandatory in Indonesia. Wear your helmet! It also protects you against small pebbles from the aggressive driving of trucks or accidents on unpaved roads. And then the helmet effectively protects you against heat stroke!
Always drive at a moderate pace and along the left side of the road. Indonesians usually ride their motorbikes in the middle of the road. Watch out for the many potholes on the sides of the roadway.
Beware of street vendors who ride on their motorbikes with a load, this is sometimes unstable. They sometimes park unexpectedly at the slightest sign of a potential customer. Also watch out for motorcycles, which are overloaded with bales of grass and with cattle feed.

Make sure your front and rear lights work properly. There is little light in the city at night on Lombok and your light will be more than useful
Gas stations in Lombok are often new and well equipped. If you do not speak Bahasa, give the shop assistant a few banknotes and he will fill the tank of your vehicle. No gas station? Along every road, in every corner, you will find small stalls with simple glass bottles filled with petrol (note that you do not buy oil instead, the two bottles are the same). The amount is slightly higher than at the gas station, but the seller has to make a small profit.
Indonesiërs rijden altijd met hun vest achterste voren. Zo trekken ze deze aan om hun huid tegen de zon te beschermen.






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