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Bandar Udara Internasional Lombok

"On June 22 we set foot on Lombok. In the new Lombok International Airport we were met by dozens of pushy taxi drivers who wanted to make an expensive ride to the capital Mataram, where we had a hotel for one night. No no, there would not be a local bus to Mataram, but suddenly he stood in front of us! For a Euro we could get in like that."

Lombok International Airport

          Boat or Plane many of you will ask themselves this question and then choose the boat when coming from Bali. From Java or other destinations one will opt for the plane. Although some very outdated sites would like to let you arrive in Mataram, that is not possible. For 2011 the airport Selaparang Airport Lombok at Mataram was the international airport, but since October 2011 a new airport has been opened. This is now the main airport and officially called: Bandar Udara Internasional Lombok (Lombok International Airport). The airport is located near the three villages Tanak Awu, Pujut and Penujak in the center of Lombok. Now Lombok is accessible to people from Singapore with Silk Air.
The new airport has a longer runway of 2750 meters and is now just as big as Ngurah Rai airport in Bali. But the runway is still too short to receive fully loaded wide-body planes that carry out intercontinental long-haul flights.

It is from the new airport to Mataram 40 km and to the tourist area of Senggigi about 55 km. The control tower is 50 meters high and the traffic controller goes upstairs with a lift. The Rinjani violin proudly erupts above the control tower.
The airport consists of one terminal for both domestic and international flights. Airlines operating at Lombok Airport are Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Wings Air, Silk Air, Citylink and AirAsia. Jetstar, the Australian airline, flies to Lombok 4 times a week and then flies on to Bali.
The buildings are designed on the basis of a "green design principle" and have "golden arched roof shape". The symbol of a traditional rice barn and also symbol for future prosperity on Lombok.


Once inside the airport you will find restaurants, a kiosk (newspapers, newspapers), a coffee shop and a shop where real sea pearls can be bought.
The international airport of Lombok has joined the list of airports in Indonesia, where the inhabitants of many countries Free visa for 30 days, provided they fly directly to Lombok. You still need a visa, but you just do not have to pay for it. It is required that your passport is valid for 6 months and you have a return ticket or ticket. The visa can not be renewed. If you think you want to stay longer, ask for a paid visa and that will cost you US 35. Only a paid visa can be renewed later.

Check in

When you arrive and have taken the luggage off the belt, you can rent a car at the terminal. Traffic is not as busy as in Bali, but look out and take out insurance. Often a foreigner gets the blame if a collision is made.
If you go by taxi, the price varies, of course, because each destination has a different price. Usually you are in the taxi for about 4 hours, before you are in Senggigi, for example. But believe it or not, all drivers remain friendly and nice. Buses are a feasible alternative to get to your destination.

"The village was relaxed. The beach was not touristy and you had a beach almost for yourself alone. The water was also crystal clear. In our favorite restaurant 'Sun Set' we have eaten delicious three days. Fresh fish and as a highlight for the first time in our lives: lobster! Another experience richer.
We wanted to rent a scooter, but we did not do this in the end. The scooter, which we would almost rent, did not have a license plate and was uninsured. There was a smell. Not done so. Swimming pool day.
Furthermore, we have ransacked the local supermarkets when it comes to the Magnum Gold. Which until recently was available for a bargain."






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