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"We chartered a boat for a snorkel trip to Gili Layer, an even smaller island where I swam with a big old 'granddaddy turtle'. It was an incredibly peaceful part of the island, without noises at night, except insects flying around. And occasionally wild animals, who sniff around in the bushes next to my bungalow."

Gili Layar Beach Bungalows

          Gili Layar you reach from the jetty of Tembowong (it is the same jetty for Gili Gede) and the boat trip takes about 30 minutes. Gili Layer is located slightly west of Gili Gede and east of Gili Asahan. It is one of the last islands that is developing for tourism. It has a fantastic coral reef, which other Gili's are jealous of. You can reach it from the beach snorkelling and the white beach exudes excellent tranquility.

The only place to stay here is the rather unimaginative "Gili Layar Beach Bungalows". The bungalows are in the bright sunlight in the morning when the sun rises over the volcano Rinjani. You will probably wake up early, but there is enough shade on the island, you know! The most important hobbies on the island are eating, drinking, snorkelling and sleeping The beaches and the water at Gili Layar are clearly more beautiful - in some places even paradise. Especially the beach area at the bungalows has the finest white sand and amazing turquoise water.

Day people, both local Indonesians and foreigners, who stay on other nearby islands, visit Gili Layar during the day to snorkel and laze by the reef on the beach. They do this at the hottest time of the day. We therefore advise you to escape this "hustle and bustle" with a siesta. You have the beach for the most part for yourself before 10 am and after 4 pm.
There is a moderate current at reef, which flows from right to left. If you were allowed to drift, it is really no problem to come back to the straw. The current is not that strong. The owners of the bungalows try to keep the motor boats away from the reef, because they can damage the reef. Sea turtles can be seen in the morning and late in the afternoon.


If you are tired of snorkelling and still want to be active, you can take a walk on the island. There is a small hill, where the last resting place of the first inhabitant of the island is, we were told. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view at sunset. When the sun goes down, you walk 50 meters from the bungalows to the beach. There you plop down on the sand to enjoy a clear starry sky from horizon to horizon, while the water gently locks on the sand.
One also arranges other water sport activities and snorkel trips to other islands.



Colourful corals and fish







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