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"We are taken to Sanura where we stay for free with breakfast. It is a beautiful place, but the door to the toilet / shower in our room is made for a hobbit. The plan is to equip the rest, which in itself succeeds, except for booking airline tickets after. Internet does not do it for a meter and it fails 6 times while we keep trying everything. In the end we were allowed to use the laptop of the locals (which also was mega slow) and we did not succeed until around 22.30 ...
There is ng only 3 years internet there told one of the locals, who lives there."

Bayan Mosque(9 x 9 meter)

          Bayan lies five kilometers southeast of Anyar. Just before the village runs a road to the south to Batu Koq and Senari, starting points for the ascent of Mount Rinjani. The area has several lodges. From here it is less than an hour's walk to the high autumn of Sendang Gile, from where the vast rice fields east of the village get their water.
Bayan is one of the centers of the Wetu Telu; the local penghulu (religious leader) lives next to a pension north of the main road. The followers of Wetu Telu live along the north side of the road and the orthodox Muslims across the road. It is assumed that Islam was introduced by Bayan to Lombok. The 300-year-old mosque of the village would be the oldest of the island.
Bayan is located about 90 km north of Mataram.

Lombok not only has beautiful beaches, but is also full of cultural traditions. One of these traditions takes place in Bayan. It is the Maulid Ceremony. The aim here is to commemorate the birth of Mohamed the Prophet and to strengthen the bond between villagers.
During the procession local people from different villages come together in Bayan to perform the ceremony together or just to look at it. The villages include Sukadana, Karang Bajo, Anyar, Loloan and Senaru. Another important fact is that they belong to the local community. Both women and men can participate as long as they wear the right clothes and follow the procession diligently. Most of these people are Muslims, but that does not mean that other people with a different religion can not do it.


Washing at the river

The parade consists of different parts. On the first day, the local population collects food and other requirements, in particular 'Kayu Aiq'. The next day they hold a community prayer and eat together in the old Bayan mosque. Apart from the villagers, tourists may be there, provided they have received permission from the leaders. During this procession, the inhabitants get a piece of pasta pressed against their heads, which they call "mamaq". The purpose of this is to give the real members of the villages an identity. This means that visitors or tourists do not get this brand, even if they are allowed to participate in the ceremony.
The next procession is to clean the belongings belonging to the villages, including Balen Tempan and Balen Unggun. After cleaning they perform a ritual called "Taikan Mulud". This happens with prayer and meditation.
At night, during the full moon, the leaders begin to decorate the inner part of the Bayan mosque and later a beautiful performance takes place called "Presean". In general, the ceremony is quite interesting and valuable. Moreover, tourists are allowed to participate and it is a memorable experience.

The ceremony

From a travel report:

"The first trip was to the north of Lombok, on the way we passed fields where peanuts were harvested, we saw rice fields and tobacco plantations. We visited a Sasak village, Senaru Tradional Village, where the original inhabitants of Lombok still live under primitive conditions. That is why we were also very surprised to discover a satellite dish in the village. The guide told us that the government had placed it, the TV is installed every night and the residents are obliged to watch, to make them aware that outside the village there is also a world. "





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