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Monkey Forest
- Monkey Forest Baun Pusuk -

"Along the way we drove Pusuk Pass or Monkey Forest. It was a beautiful sight to see the monkeys along the road in a kind of rainforest environment. In the afternoon I was taken back to my hotel; Senggigi Beach Hotel (5 stars). I was not used to this luxury; room was tidy and with all the trimmings: shampoo, soaps, tea, coffee, water bottles etc. And even a TV. I have nicely equipped and watched some TV, because the weather did not really help to take a walk on the complex; it went out, the rain."

Monkey Forest

          Monkey Forest is the home of large groups of monkeys. When you travel north from Senggigi you can drive over the Pusuk Pass. It is an alternative route north to Pemenang, near Bangsal, where you can sail over to the Gili Islands.
The road Baun Pusuk looks very nice. It is a winding road to the hilltop and the road is asphalted. Upstairs you have a beautiful view of lush protected jungle. The sounds that come from the jungle of all kinds of birds sound amazingly beautiful. Make sure that you do not drive too fast, because when you drive through this area, you often come across monkeys who are sitting or playing. Or are they socializing?

To make it even more exciting, you can walk a bit through the forest on a passable path. The fresh and clean air in the forest will do you good and it is a pleasant walk. Do not be afraid of the monkeys there, they were already familiar with the arrival of the people. They are a bit tame, but you also have to be careful, because they are wild animals! They are friendly and loyal residents of the forest. You should not disturb the herd of monkeys living in the Monkey Forest Pusuk.
Although they probably will not see as many tourists as their friends in Bali, they still remain cheeky monkeys! They will take everything out of your bag, if you do not look for a moment. Do not say I did not warn you.


It is not a tourist attraction with tame monkeys who come to pick up nuts. Well a lot of monkeys, who really dominate the area and again: if you're not careful, they will take everything away from you, from bottle water to moped helmet. So keep a little distance and watch your things. They can be very handy thieves.
Monkey Forest is usually visited by tourists, who want to climb the volcano Rinjani, or otherwise travel from Bayan to Senggigi and stop to visit the monkeys and enjoy the natural environment.
Als je doorrijdt naar het binnenland, kom je langs de uitgestrekte rijstvelden. En dit alles kun je zien en beleven op een uurtje rijden van Senggigi.

"We went to the North via the coastal route. On the way to Bayan we stopped to see the volcanic beach. Quite weird and unreal to see. We also visited a "typical" traditional village; they want to keep everything there traditionally, leaving few tourists there. And I was one of them. In Bayan we went to the Sendang Gila Waterfall; the walk down did not last as long."





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