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- the old harbour of Lombok -

"And now I'm at Lombok in the place Ampenan with my aunt and two nieces !! It was really great to see them in live bodies again after six years! Best of all emotionally but so very nice. My nieces, seven and nine years old, are completely in the clouds and every day they want to do things because they now have a month of Christmas holidays."

Ampenan: dinner by the sea

          Ampenan is the suburb of the city of Mataram. Just like Chakranegara, it is part of the Mataram agglomerate, the capital. Ampenan used to be a city used by the Dutch settlers as a port for the transit of spices. It was an important port for them. Those who look around in Ampenan can still find old buildings from that time. Nowadays people still come to the harbor, but now for the cafes and restaurants, because the port of yesteryear no longer exists. The main port of Lombok is now Lembar with its ferry service to Bali and its containers, which are brought ashore there.

Although the beach in the afternoon quite well visited, because the panorama is so great. When the sun sets in the west, local people and tourists usually spend their time there. They enjoy the sunset, while they enjoy delicious roasted corn, which are sold near the beach by the local stalls.
The panorama becomes even more romantic when it gets dark; at that moment the moon is shining and the sun is replacing. On the Ampenan beach you will also find the ruins of the pier, which was built by the Dutch. Nowadays, the pier is used by the local population as a fishing spot.
Unfortunately, in the 1970s it was decided to make Lembar the most important port. The port is now only a piece of history.


It is not difficult to get to the old city of Ampenan, because the town is now part of the capital Mataram. There is a lot of public transport, including bus and taxi, which go to Ampenan. There are also hotels in the neighborhood, where tourists usually spend the night. The nightlife in Ampenan is also great, because many bars are open until late. There are nice shops, where you can buy amulets, wooden boxes and different types of textiles.

Going to Ampenan

Tourists can also attend traditional dance performances and visit art exhibitions. There are also traditional puppet games, the Wayang Kulit, which are played regularly. If you like old traditional markets, Ampenan is a perfect destination. One of the most recommended traditional markets in Lombok is Kebun Roek Traditional Market, Ampenan. It is near the traffic light the road from Selaparang airport. They offer fresh products from the island and local snacks. You can also get a live chicken. You can expect the freshest fish on the island after the fishing boats have landed in the afternoon.
In this neighborhood you can easily find shops, sarongs with silver wire, or other items wrapped with gold thread, or wicker baskets etc. to sell. In Ampenan are also craft and antique shops, where you can buy all kinds of artifacts from Lombok.

Do not forget to visit the old city of Ampenan when you visit Lombok, because the city will leave you with an unforgettable moment.

Local Market in Ampenan

"At Ampenan we turn left into a small road and drive to a "larger" intersection and go left again and then stand with the scooter in traffic jam because there is a local market in progress, this is really great to experience everyone is walking , scootert or car straight through each other !! And what not to do with merchandise ... Really great!"






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